Nino Soselia
Nino Soselia studied at the faculty of International law and International Relations, department – international law in 2000-2005 years. She studied at the faculty of international law in GIPA in 2009-2011 years and received the degree of Master of International Law in 2011. From 2014 till present she is PHD candidate in New Vision University. Nino Soselia is the member of Bar Association from 2011. She graduated from Tbilisi school of political studies. In 2006 – 2010 Nino Soselia worked as lawyer at Tbilisi city hall and Tbilisi Architect service. In 2011 she was head of secretariat of chef head of Tbilisi City assembly. From 2011 she works at Law firm Kordzakhia, Jgenti GP, from 2013 she is a senior lawyer.

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The Law Firm Kordzakhia, Jgenti, GP was founded in 1999 as a Partnership. Prior to foundation the current partners of the company had independent advocacy practice and were advanced specialists in their respective fields. Since 2003 the company had been operating as a General Partnership –"Pataraia and Partners," and from 2009 the Law Firm has been carrying out its activities under the current name. Read More
In September 2017 Nino Soselia became a Partner of "Kordzakhia, Jgenti" GP.
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